Over the last several years the vacationers to Lake Chelan have changed from partying College Students from University of Washington and Washington State University to families enjoying what Lake Chelan has to offer. The Valley is ever changing and evolving with time. The wine industry of Lake Chelan Wine Valley has helped increase tourism in shoulder seasons. Lake Chelan’s Lake Level is higher this year than many in the past making this Memorial Weekend better for boaters on the Lake. Everyone travel safely this Memorial Day Weekend.

Memorial Weekend


After this beautiful weekend with temperatures reaching near 80 degrees at Lake Chelan, this beautiful waterfront estate is pending inspection, with a list price of $3.275 Million this will likely be the highest sale in several years. Last year the highest sale was $1.7 Million.

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92 Bennett Rd

The weather was fantastic yesterday, May 3rd, my friends and I got on the Lake to enjoy the sunshine. I even jumped in the water twice, I know your thinking I must be crazy! If you were wondering yes it was rather brisk, well truthfully it was down right freezing but still refreshing. I could not have asked for a better day to enjoy Lake Chelan! LIVE LOVE LAKE CHELAN



295 Wall

It is the sunny weather selling season at Lake Chelan! The passes are clear and the visitors are starting to get over to Lake Chelan and find their waterfront dream home. Over the last 7 months there have been 16 sales from $225K up-to $1.7million. If you are looking to buy on the lake now is the time, prices are starting to go up.

Yes, starting at $185k you can get a 2 bedroom mobile home in Overlook at the Cove Marina. For $229k you can get a 2 bedroom dry cabin in the Manson area on Lake Chelan in the Emerson Acres neighborhood.  For $449,950K you can get a three bedroom mobile home on the beautiful south shore of Lake Chelan!  There are a several of beautiful south shore homes in the $725,000 to $900,000 price range!  And, you won’t believe the quality of Lake Chelan waterfront homes that can be had for under $1 million! There are several luxurious estates over $1 million.

Check out these 36 Lake Chelan Waterfront Homes for sale!


I do not generally mention each new waterfront listings on the Columbia River, but this location is sure to please. The cottage/winery is nestled on the calm Columbia River with 4.29 acres with 1 acre planted in chardonnay 1o year old vines.  24395 US 97  is a beautiful setting on the Columbia River below Wells Dam and above Beebe Bridge.  The asking price is $692,000. The riverfront is sure to please with over 360 feet of low bank waterfront!

It has  2 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, kitchen, open lving and large bonus room over garage. But, best of all, look at the pictures!

Yes, I am available to show you all this Lake Chelan waterfront home’s details!

129_743079_10            129_743079_4

129_743079_21129_743079_11  129_743079_12

Here we are, on the verge of 2015.

At the very beginning of January last year, the highest priced sale of 2014 closed for $2.5 million at 3600 US 97A.    There were 12 sales over $1 million in 2014 and 2 for over $2 million.

The lowest priced waterfront home sale in 2014 was on the Mad River outside of Entiat for $255k.  It took about $350,000 to get a condominium on Lake Chelan in 2014.

2015 is starting off as a bunch of fun for the realtors in the area.  This holiday season has been busy with people coming in to look at, and buy Lake Chelan homes and waterfront.

I won’t make any prognostications for what will happen, but do wish you a wonderful 2015. If you would like someone to help you unravel the mysteries on Lake Chelan waterfront real estate, I would be honored to apply for the job!

Governor Inslee, in a complete reversal of his “no new taxes” promises that he campaigned on, proposed over $1 billion in new taxes in his budget this year.  Never mind that revenues are already forecast to be up over $4 billion from the current biennial budget, he needs more money for his agenda.

He proposed a cap and trade proposal on energy, which will hit every family at every income level in that state.  But his proposal for a new capital gains tax will have a real impact on real estate if it comes to fruition.

The governor’s proposed, 7%, capital gains tax would apply to all homes (Primary or Secondary) that had not been owned for longer than 20 years according to the initial Department of Revenue documents (since taken down off the website).

Whether those documents were correct, or the actual proposal was meant to exclude all homes that have been owned for longer than 20 years with at least 10 years as a Primary residence, almost all homeowners would be included in the “1%” of the population the governor claims to be targeting.

Regardless, his tax proposal would add a 7% tax on all profits made from a second home, or investment property with the first $25,000 single filers/$50,000  joint filers exempted from this tax.

Another politician who says whatever he wants to for reelection and means not one bit of it.



You will want to hurry if you are interested in a spectacular community waterfront lot at Lake Chelan.  This lot is bank owned, and seriously for sale.  It is in the very desired Key Bay community of Chelan, close in to town.  The community has amenities including a pool, marina, beach front park, mooring, bathhouse all shared by the few homes in the small neighborhood.

A less desirable lot than this one sold last month for over $180,000.  This lot is priced at only $140,000!  My phone is already ringing, so let me know quickly if you are interested.



In the last week, there have been two waterfront sales, one for $1.7 million, two waterfront homes went pending, one waterfront home listing expired, one home listing is back on the market, and one new waterfront home on the market for over $3 million.

If you are buying or selling Lake Chelan real estate, things continue to happen on the market and folks are still buying waterfront homes and waterfront lots and land.

Buyers looking this time of year are typically pretty serious.  Sellers marketing their homes this time of year usually are too and they can be motivated to get things done.  I call the phenomenon the Black Friday Sale at Lake Chelan.

It may be a bit cooler, but we still have lots of sunshine at Lake Chelan.  Come, have a look and buy that dream home!

This week’s Lake Chelan Waterfront Activity Report has two new waterfront home listings and 2 new lot listings.  That is about the same level of activity than we see in July!

Buyer activity is also holding up pretty well this fall.  Stay tuned by subscribing to my FREE Lake Chelan Waterfront Activity Report.